Putting the “Lucky” in Lucky Charms

Blair's Lucky Charms

Image by laffy4k via Flickr

I sometimes base my cereal consumption on if I’m getting a free T-shirt or not.  I haven’t bought Lucky Charms in years but I saw a free T-shirt add-on the box and decided to pick one up.

Now that I think about it I’m sure that it couldn’t have just been on Lucky Charms.  I could have gotten cereal that doesn’t have those marshmallows in them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the marshmallows but I swear I can feel my teeth disintegrating under the awesome might of those tiny marshmallows.  Luck Charms is never my first choice of cereal.  Also, today the box jumped at me from the top of the fridge.  I’m telling you they are not trustworthy.

In fact I don’t regularly buy cereal.  It feels like a waste of money because I go through it so fast.  It’s never filling so I end up eating almost an entire box for breakfast.  I bought those Lucky Charms two days ago and they are already gone.

But I got a free T-shirt.

And this time I actually got a free T-shirt.  Last time a certain tiger with his name on a red Ascot promised me a T-shirt but when I put in the code from the inside of the cereal box I was told that they were all out.  Definitely not great.  I have only now just gotten over that bitter betrayal.

The cereal box T-shirt is the last remnant of the awesome internet T-shirt phase I went through a few years back.  Every once and awhile I’ll go back to those sites and want to indulge again but I can’t afford such things anymore.

These free T-shirts help me get through.

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