Skyline (Red)

I knew this was going to be a dumb movie.  I was just hoping it would be (GRED) instead of (Red)

This is a low-budget, less entertaining version of Independence Day.  It is not less entertaining because it’s low budget.  It’s low budget and less entertaining.

Just because there isn’t as much money going into the movie as a big hollywood movie doesn’t mean the dialog has to be clichéd and the characters super boring.  Considering the worst parts of this movie are the characters and what they are saying, this movie could have been awesome.

None of the characters are likable.  I got a little emotional when the guy from Scrubs died but then I remembered this wasn’t an episode of Scrubs and that his character in this movie is a bit of a D-bag.

The aliens themselves were cool enough and they provided an appropriate level of antagonism.  Their whole thing was to steal your brain.  Then they would put it in other alien bodies and they would come to life.

At one point an alien was killed so it just stole the brain of one of the humans…now that I think about that it doesn’t make any sense at all.  If the thing was dead how could it steal a brain?

The movie was only slightly below average until the ending.  Then it went slightly above credits.  Then the movie ended before the story even finished and it went crashing into the realm of horrible movies.

You know that point in movies when the leading lady is in distress and facing certain death and then the knight in shinning armor comes and rescues her?  This movie ends just before that.  They fill in the gaps with still frames during the credits.  The still frames depict an epic battle that would have been cool to see but they ran out of money at the wrong time.

A very disappointing movie.

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