Cloudy Future

I took this picture on a recent trip to Vancouver.  I saw it just as we were leaving and show it to you.  Do you see what it wrong with it?  It’s nothing grammatical.  It’s those clouds mixed with the words “Thinking about the Future.”  Guess what the last thing I think about when I think about the future is.  Clouds.

When I think about the future I think about robots, space ships, and giant lobster doctors named Zoidberg.

The way this card is set up it’s saying that if you wash too many towels unnecessarily then you can potentially make all the clouds disappear.  Clouds will be extinct in the future because when you go to hotels you do not use towels to their full potential.  I had no idea that clouds and hotel room towels had such a vital relationship.  I’ll have to think about this in the future.

Also, aren’t clouds the things responsible for bad weather?  Is this card telling me that if we wash more towels then we will have more sunny days?  How many do we have to wash for there to be no clouds in the winter to bring us snow?  I know I washed three yesterday.  I suppose I could wash them again today.  If I do maybe the snowstorm going on outside right now will clear up.  That would be sweet.

I guess they want us to think about the future of the environment but even then I don’t think of clouds.  I think of water and trees.  Especially if I’m thinking about whether or not to use a towel again.

Anyway, I laughed out loud when I saw this and so I thought I would share it with you guys (You guys being me and my mom.  The only people who read this blog)

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5 Responses to Cloudy Future

  1. Desirée says:

    I read your blog, Tyler. And yes, that is a silly thing to put to picture the future or the environment. I guess maybe they were going with the clouds are where the rain is formed? Still, they could have done better.

  2. Yessss! Three People!

    I wrote a children’s book about the water cycle. It’s called glen the glacier. I should put it up here somehow.

    • Lori/Mommmmy says:

      I have the original copy of your book, would you like me to scan it and send it to you? Thanks for being so creative when thinking about towels and clouds,
      I thin nk there is a hippy song in there somewhere too don’t you think?

  3. ChelseyR says:


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