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I do not get Twitter.

Or at least I didn’t get it until very recently.  First of all I have almost no friends on Twitter.  I’m talking flesh and blood friends not Facebook friends who are potential catfish.  The flash and blood friends that I do have on Twitter use it for the same reason that I used to use it.  Just to follow famous people so you can get updates on what they are doing.

I follow a couple writers for Lost, and the cast of Community.  I like hearing about episodes several weeks before they come out.  It’s fun.  Plus sometimes they send out pictures from the set which are always cool to see.

It’s also fun to see what is trending, but that’s barely worth the time to log in.

It wasn’t until nanowrimo time that I realized I had something to contribute to Twitter.

Word counts.  A lot of them.  And frequently.

So I added a bunch of people who are doing nanowrimo as well.  When it comes to tweets it’s not as big a deal to add people you don’t know.  So now I’m on Twitter and I tweet about my word count.

But Twitter is still lame.  The best way to describe it is that it’s a lamer version of Facebook.  A more disconnected form of a disconnected reality.

There is no way to know if anyone is reading the stuff you are throwing out there.  It’s like if I went and stood on my balcony and just yelled at the world “Hey, I’m at 10,000 words for nanowrimo.”

But blah blah blah and whatever.  This blog contributes in some small way to disconnecting people from reality so I’m mostly a hypocrite.

And mostly I wrote this post as an excuse to show you this sweet YouTube video.

Oh and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.  @tylerruddhall

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