SBS Winter Predictions

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It snowed recently.  I knew it snowed because half of my friends facebook status’ were about how it had snowed (“What the Effffff!”  “I don’t want Summer to be over.”  “Looks like winter is here” “Welcome to Alberta!” “White cold powder all the way.  What does it mean?”) and the other half were about complaining about the first half (“Hurray all of facebook is talking about snow, get a life” “It’s just snow people, get over it.”  “If you’ve been in Alberta for more than a year and you still get surprised by the snow then get out of Alberta”).

My heart skipped a beat at this onslaught of weather updates.

How had SBS handled the change in weather?

SBS is my car.  SBS stands for stinging bullet of shame.  SBS has one foot in the grave.

I’ve never had this car during the winter.  I don’t know how she is going to handle it.  My whole life i’ve only had beaters but Jerk Pants (a 94 plymouth Acclaim) held up pretty well when it got cold.  I don’t even remember having to plug that dude in.

I do vididly remember plugging Herjon in.  I also, remember driving away with the extention cord danging from the hood.  The whole time I was driving to work I was wondering what the heck the rattling noise was coming from under the car.  When I got to work I realized how stupid I must have looked.

The next person to see a fool driving with an extention cord still plugged in wins beaver.

I have a bad feeling about SBS in the winter.  For starters the hood doesn’t come down all the way.  There is a one inch gap that wind can push snow into.  I don’t know if copius amounts of snow is good for a car.

The worst thing is that there really isn’t a place for me to plug that beast in.  Hopefully I’m not working on those really cold days.

My winter prediction is that SBS will not survive the winter.  You may now try to sell me your car.

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