Moving Day

Disco ball in blue

I took one look outside and decided today was a good day to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

You can’t beat me snow!  I have indoor plans today!

The move has been a long time coming.  The reason I moved.  Blogger sucks.  There are no options, their templates are boring, the widgets are better here, and WordPress is a thousand times easier to use.  You can keep track of everything on WordPress and nothing on blogger.

This is going to turn into a sweet blog.

Most of the summer was spent on movies and books.  That will change in November.  In November, along with participating in NANOWRIMO, I’m going to be turning this beast into a daily blog.  I don’t watch enough movies for every post to be a movie review.  I doubt I’ll have enough time to read very many books; well, besides the ones I’m reading in the bathroom.

So you can expect a lot of sweet randomness from me.

Also, as I transferring post from Blogger to here I noticed I had left some stories open.  I haven’t finished my toonie crushing story or told you how the disco ball wrist band competition ended.  They will be concluded in November sometime.

If you’re missing that amazing picture of me by the fireplace you’re not alone. I miss it as well.  I count it as one of the best pictures of me there is.  Hopefully you find some hint of joy in seeing me jump from one hoodoo to another.

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