Bleed For Me (Green) By Michael Robotham

Very (Green)

Michael Robotham is one of my favorite writers.  Several years ago I missed my flight home and so I went to the book store to kill time. I was walking past the general fiction section on my way to the science fiction section when I saw a book with the word Lost on it in big letters.

The TV show Lost was a big deal back then so I stopped to see what the book was about.  It wasn’t about a smoke monster or hippy vans. It was a mystery book about a guy who almost died, lost his memory, and now has to solve the case that he failed to solve years earlier. I’m not a crime fiction guy but the cover said it won some award so I figured why not.

I’m so glad I picked up that book. It was amazing.  One of the few times the amnesia plot twist has actually worked.  In North America that book is sold under the title of The Drowning Man. Go read it.  Now.

The Drowning Man is the second book in the series but for the most part you can read the books out of order.  In fact the only time I would say you shouldn’t is with this last book, Bleed For Me.  It relies a lot on what happened two books before it.  But other then that I’m going to give you the green light to buy any Michael Robotham Book you want.

The reason I love this writer so much is that he makes you feel like the characters in the story are real people.  When bad things happen to them you really feel bad for them.  When people get into arguments they have to settle the argument.  They can’t just kiss and make up cause it’s the end of the story and there needs to be a happy ending.

The characters choices define the ending.  Sometimes they make the wrong choice and it all goes sideways on them.

I know that sounds weird.  Aren’t all endings defined by characters choices?  Yes.  But in these books it all feels so real.  The characters feel like real people in real situations.

Have you ever noticed in life that there aren’t those big reveals like there is in the movies.  Everything is really simple and subtle.  That’s what this book is like.  At least until the ending but explosions are aloud in story endings.

There is one point in this book when the protagonist is just having a normal conversation with a woman outside of their children’s school.  By the end of the conversation no one has drawn a gun, no one has sworn to kill the other, no one has vowed to make the others life miserable, they are just talking about babysitting.  But with one simple sentence the life of the protagonist has dramatically changed for the worst.  Awesome.

Michael Robotham is the best at knowing his characters and weaving them into a believable story.

The only bad thing I can say about this book is that there are to many F-bombs and an unnecessary sex scene.  He is a skilled enough writer to not include these in his books.

So how does Bleed for Me measure up to his other books?  It is much better than his last three.  I would say its level of awesomeness is on the same level as The Suspect and The Drowning Man.  Classic Robotham.

This might be a good time to say that one of the reasons I like this dude so much is because his last name reminds of mechanical pigs.

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