Saga of the Seven Suns, Book 2: A Forest of Stars (Red) by Kevin J. Anderson

Don’t read, it’s (Red)

The best way to describe this book is captivatingly horrible.  Not that what happens is particularly horrifying but the way it’s written is just unbelievable.

This is the second book in the Saga of the Seven Suns series.  After reading the first book I was desperate for improvement.  It might be because Kevin J. Anderson is a childhood hero of mine.  I just can’t live with the thought that little Tyler was so bad at picking quality books or that he had such low standards.  I’m just going to pretend that Mr. Anderson’s early books are way better then this.

Because I’m almost embarrassed to say that I read this book.

You can tell right from the beginning that mistakes have been made by the writer.  This book takes place 5 years after the first one.  This was my first thought, “Shouldn’t everyone be dead?”

Book 1 introduces the hydrouges as an unstoppable alien force.  No weapon is effective (except the one that started the war but for some reason the humans have decided not to use it.) and they can pretty much do anything they want.  In my mind I’m thinking they must have been fighting for the last five years.  But they haven’t.  As far as I can tell nothing has happened but they still annoyingly refer to how terrible the war is.

How horrible.  Nothing has happened for 5 years.  The terror.

It didn’t take long to realize why the time jump was “necessary.” The hot young green priest that hooked up with the alien prince (names aren’t important in a book with no protagonist) got pregnant.  Her child is now a pivotal part of the story.  If the kid is a baby then she can’t make choices and fight in a war.  So the author jumps a few years into the future and makes her “very mature for her age.”

*eye roll

But other then that it’s just a more boring version of the first book.

I didn’t think that was possible.

In the first book, the robots were mysterious and I kept reading to find out what they were going to do.  Nothing new is reveled in this book.

The first book has too many characters.  This book continues the tradition, even adds a couple new ones.

Sure some people die but I had zero emotional connection to any one in the book so it had no affect on me as a reader.  I don’t even remember their names.

This book is slightly different in that it introduces two new kinds of aliens but who cares.  Their introduction turns the humans into even more passive characters.  Or in other words, makes them less relevant to the story; it makes them boring.

That business with Jess (Hey, I remembered a name!) needed to be in the first few chapters of the book, not the last few.

This whole book is irrelevant.

Yes I will keep reading the series.  For two reason.

One: The short chapter and lack of story make it ideal for bathroom reading.

Two: It is getting gloriously close to so bad it’s good.  I have never read a (GRED) book.  Fingers crossed for book 3.

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