Toy Story 3 (Green)

This is what (Green) means.

Of course it’s (Green). It’s a Pixar movie. They are one of the most successful movie makes of all time. They have made only one bad movie: Cars(Red). But even that got them a bunch of money and moderate reviews.

Pixar has already shown us that they can do sequels. Toy Story 2 was awesome. Now we find out that they can also rock out the trilogies.

I don’t want to find out if they can do a forth one.

Toy Story 3 was the end of the story for the toys. We don’t need to see anymore of their adventures. This movie reached a definite and irreversible ending. Andy has moved on. The toys have moved on. It ends the way it needed to end. Making another movie will just ruin the emotion of this movie.

And this movie was ripe with emotion.

Like I’ve said before I didn’t laugh as much at this movie as I did with Despicable Me but this felt more real. Yes that’s right. The movie about talking toys felt more real. While watching this movie you will be genuinely concerned for their well being. The whole movie is about them trying to escape the horrors of being a daycare toy and as you watch them get used and abused by the kids you really feel for them.

That’s the magic of Pixar. They make you care about things no one else could. Toys, bugs, Monsters, Rats, mute robots, and other things that you would never have thought you could feel something for (notice I did not say anything about cars).

The big question going into this movie is how do you end the story? Where will the toys end up? You can tell by the trailer that the daycare thing isn’t going to work out for them so… then what.

I honestly had no idea. As the movie played out I saw hints at a lot of different things. The attic, the garbage, or other places. But when we finally get to the ending, after some fantastic close calls and emotional oh-no-they-are-going-to-die moments you realize that the ending the writers came up with is the perfect ending.

I loved it.

It made me want to play with my Ninja Turtle toys again. Or at least made me wonder where they ended up.

I’ll just say my one complaint again even though I mentioned it in my mini review.

Pixar is way too awesome to be wasting time making sequels. They have a ton of creativity and I would have rather seen a new original movie then another Toy Story movie. But I’ll forgive them this one time because this movie is so good.

The next challenge for Pixar will be to make a good sequel for Cars (It’s already being made). If they can do that I will be very impressed.


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