Takers (Red)

(red) means don’t watch it.

If I had known more about the plot I would have just gone to Scott Pilgrim again.

It’s almost a remake of The Italian Job.

There are a bunch of thieves who throw out all their own rules for one last job. This one last job is an Italian Job. They actually use those words. I couldn’t believe it.

An Italian Job is to blow up the street under an armored truck and then take the money and run away in mini’s.

The first half of this movie is very boring. Mostly because we’ve seen it all before, in that one movie with Mark Wahlberg. When they finally get around to doing the job it all goes sideways on them.

They should have watched the DVD a couple more times before trying to imitate it.

There was one action scene I found to be entertaining. The rest of it was uninspired and dragged on for too long. The friend sitting beside me left to go to the bathroom as Chris Brown’s character started running from the cops. She was able to get back before the chase scene was over. I swear he was running for at least a week, or at least that’s how long it felt.

After the job goes sideways the writers are stuck with finding ways for the characters to get out. They must have just watched The Departed cause they went with the kill-everyone solution.

The comic relief in this movie was the dialog. I wouldn’t be surprised if the script said, “say the most gangster thing you can think of.”

With a script like that it’s no wonder Paul Walker sounds like an idiot.

There are a couple sub-plots in this movie that don’t really make sense. The whole issue with Matt Dillon’s partner didn’t really lead to anything (but I did find it interesting) and the crack head sister was pointless. Why did they write her in the movie?

It bothered me how there were no good guys in this movie. The Center of Good kept flipping back and forth between the cops and the takers. When people started dying I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. “Didn’t that guy just kill a cop? Why is the heavy handed violin music telling me to be sad he’s trying to be Butch Cassidy?”

T.I. Sounds like he’s trying to be Snoop Dog.

Snoop Dog is funny and so is T.I.

T.I. Just doesn’t realize he’s the joke.

Skip this movie.

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