Don’t Say the “V” Word

By the end of this post the word vampire will be officially retired from my vocabulary. I wont talk about any vampire movies, I won’t talk about vampire books, and when I see people dressed up as classic vampires at Halloween I will pretend that they are just pale people who are overdressed.

It’s going to be a lot of work never using that word again but I’m dedicated.

Twilight (I’m ashamed that word is on my blog) started the “Let’s make vampires lame” campaign but the guy who forced my hand was none other then Big Willie himself.

If you want to read the article of terror click here. But I’ll sum it up for you anyway.

Will Smith plays Cain in the Biblical story of Cain and Able. No wait. It gets worse. There are vampires in this movie.

It doesn’t make sense to me either.

The article doesn’t even say how the vampires will be involved. Does Cain turn into a vampire after he kills Able? That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows that Cain is the modern day Big Foot. It all seems so random. I saw this as someone’s facebook status and I thought it was a joke. I wish it had been a joke.

It’s gotten to the point where the powers that be think it doesn’t matter what the story if you throw vampires into the mix then whatever you are making will be more profitable.

How else could you come to the decision that adding vampires to a bible story would be a good idea?

Now that Vampires are all over the place, now that they have changed from a cool villain to a sparkly attempt at a cash grab, and now that they are dragging werwolves down with them I feel the need to eliminate them from my life permanently.

I will no longer say the “V” word.

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