The Last Airbender (Yellow)

If you’re wondering what the (yellow) thing is all about click here.

The Last Airbender is a bad movie but not so bad that you should never watch it. Just wait for it to come out on DVD.

The boring parts are plentiful. The only parts of the movie I enjoyed were the element bending parts but they can be pretty spaced out. And the space between is filled up with characters talking about things we already knew.

This is the perfect movie to go to if you have a small bladder. You can go to the bathroom multiple times without having to pause the movie; I say pause because you should rent this movie not watch it in the theater. The characters are always talking about what they are doing but they never change what they are doing so they are always talking about the same thing. Over and over.

The acting in this movie is no good. I don’t know anything about acting and I can still tell it’s no good. It looked like the actors were struggling to remember their lines and where their marks were.

But it’s not like they had much to work with. There is zero character development. They try to create an arch for the Avatar but it doesn’t work. They try to create a love story in the final act but it doesn’t work.

The only thing that comes close to working is the fire prince’s story but even though that was the strongest character and plot of the movie it still doesn’t work.

The only reason to watch this movie is for the cool fight scenes. And that’s just because they look cool. Don’t spend too much time thinking about why they have to break dance to use their bending powers. If you do you will ruin the only good part of the movie.

This movie only got 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. There is no way this is an 8% movie. It is not the worst movie I have seen this year (that goes to A-Team… so far). I think the main reason this movie got such a bum rap is because everybody likes to hate on M. Knight Shyamalan. This movie is way better then his last few attempts at film making. I’d say it’s 30% or 40%.

I enjoyed it enough to want them to make the sequels just so I can see the cancer patient learn to bend more things. Ya, I know, I could just watch the TV show but anime scares me. Their eye’s are way so big and hair is long and pointed in weird directions, constantly wind tousled. Terrifying.

Also, I guess the thing the Avatar fly’s around on is cool looking. It’s like a cross between the luck dragon from The Never Ending Story and a beaver.


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