Mystery Beard

I didn’t work for a whole week. I knew I had to take advantage of the situation and get to the bottom of a mystery that has been troubling me for a while now. Is my beard coming in grey?

The trouble is I can’t have facial hair at work. I work in an oil refinery where I need to be able to put on a respirator in case a deadly cloud of noxious gas wants to kill me. The respirator won’t be able to seal to my face if there’s hair in the way. You can’t even get into the refinery if you have facial hair (kind of… but that’s another story).

At most I’ve been able to go three or fourish days before I need to shave. One day on one of these forth days I noticed something disturbing. My hair was an abnormal color. It had been so long since I had grown out my facial hair that I couldn’t remember if it had always been this blond or if I was starting to go grey in the beard. I desperately needed to find out the truth.

A week off from work would provide me with facial hair long enough to get the answer I needed. These are the results.

I wasn’t able to ask a lot of people but my parents say it’s blond. I couldn’t tell if my mom was horrified or excited at the possibility that it was grey. My uncle Jay Dee says it’s blond.

What do you guys think?

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