The Karate Kid (Green)

It’s the first (Green) movie of the year. Find out what it means here.

No more AC/DC on movie soundtracks. Okay? You got that? It’s been done to death and now whenever I hear them it just makes me mad. So it needs to stop.

Plus, it’s The Karate Kid. Why would you play AC/DC on The Karate Kid?

But other then that this was a solid movie.

I called it before the movie. I knew they were going to climb a mountain. They always climb a mountain in these types of movies. Apparently the best way to train for anything is to climb a mountain. And they don’t just climb a mountain they climb to the highest part of the mountain. The most scenic part. It always looks fake.

Except for in this movie. In this movie they do all of that but it’s looks real because in China they have a mountain that has a staircase that goes all the way to the top. You can’t call fowl on that because that’s what the characters really would do. That’s making conventions work for you.

It’s over two hours long but it doesn’t feel it at all. I was never bored or checking the clock. Going into the movie I didn’t have high hopes for this rehash but I came out surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

There are two things that could have made this movie better. Get rid of AC/DC (when you watch it you’ll think I’m being picky because they only use one AC/DC song and they only use it once) and the other is to not call it The Karate Kid.

I didn’t catch on to this until two days ago so it might be old hat for you but why the heck is the KARATE kid learning KUNG FU? They should have called it The Kung Fu Kid. It’s not like it had any ties to the old movie. None of the characters had the same name and the setting is way different. It’s annoying how much studios depend on built in audiences.

I’m glad that white kid at the beginning didn’t become a main character. It would have been stupid to be surrounded by chinese people and not have any of them as friends of the protagonist. Remember on Tokyo Drift. That took place in Japan but none of the good guys were Japanese. That hick protagonist made friends with every one but the indigenous people and it looked really fake.

Jackie Chan was cool in this movie. It’s the one role where it looks natural for him to be there. His accent finally fits in. There’s no blooper reel at the end to stick around for.

Jaden Smith did fine as the lead. He’s well on his way to following in his father’s foot steps. He even does a song for the movie. And he does the song with Justine Bieber.

It’s a fun movie. The action was intense. The fight scene between Jackie Chan and the gang of kids was funny. I’m surprised he would show such restraint. Those twerps would have felt my wrath if they had done that to me and if I knew karate-I mean kung fu.

The fights were hardcore. They were doing flips and all that jazz. I thought because they were twelve year old kids it would be lame but they impressed me. They had cool moves.

One final thing, if you hate movies theaters that are too hot go see whatever movie is playing in theater 8 at South Edmonton Common. The air was cool and it circulated well. Seriously, you could have flown a kite in there.

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