Chortle, Girth, and Sunday Naps

I blame my Sunday nap for this post. It’s two in the morning and I’m bored. So I decided to write on m blog for some reason. Here are some random facts about my blog’s title.

If you google “chortle girth” my blog is the first thing that comes up. There are only 16,000 words. I guess not many people know how cool those words are together.

If you google “chortle” my blog is on page 25 and there are 1,020,000 results.

If you google “girth” 74 pages of results come up but my blog isn’t on any of them. But that might be a good thing because turns out “girth” is associated with a lot of scandalous websites.

There are no results for youtubing “Chortle Girth”

When you youtube “chortle” the first video is some British dude doing stand up but the video and sound sucks so I didn’t even finish watching it.

Youtubing “Girth” brings up more scandalous things. It’s too bad Youtube and Google are sullying such a fantastic word. is a great way to interrupt the silence in the schools computer lab (I’ll tell you some awesome stories later). When you look up a word a voice will pronounce the word for you. Some times it’s a man and sometimes it’s a woman. And sometimes it’s an effeminate man.

Chortle is a woman’s voice.

Girth is a woman’s voice as well.

Chortle is a verb that means, “to chuckle gleefully.”

Girth is a noun that means, “circumference.”

If your looking up words on to see which voice is used then it’s time for bed. Good night.


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