The Greatest Website Ever Made

"Almost" Buffalo Wings

Image by esimpraim via Flickr

It’s not just a chicken wing website. It’s the best chicken wing website.

If you are ever in the mood to go out for wings all you have to do is check this website and it will tell you what day of the week eatery’s have their wing night on. Pure deliciousness.

It even ranks them from cheapest to most expensive. I’m looking at it as I write this (on a Wednesday) and it looks like I can get 10 cents at a place called Brooklyn’s Lounge. When I click on the restaurant I can can see what kind of flavors they offer, a link to the map so I can find it, what kind of amenities this joint has, and it has reviews on the quality of the chicken wing eating experience.

That’s probably the best thing about this website. You can go out for 10 cent wings but if they suck then what’s the point, right? It’s good to get some feedback from someone who has already tried them out.

The only draw back to this site is that there aren’t enough reviews on it. It says that Brewsters near my house has the third best wings in the city. I was excited because it’s right down the road. Unfortunately, they aren’t that great. I’ve had tons of wings better than theirs.

So that means everyone who reads this has to go out for wings once a week for the rest of their lives and they can’t go to the same place twice until you’ve gone to them all. Then you have to review every meal. That way I’ll have a better idea of where to go.

So far my recommendation is Fargo’s on the East end of the city by Capilano Mall.

All this chicken wing talk is making me hungry.

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