Tim Tam Slammers

Your Welcome in advance.

Tim Tam’s are the delicious cookie that doubles as a straw. In fact, it’s hard to really enjoy one without using it as a straw. Here is a step by step guide to creating the Tim Tam Slammer.

Step 1: Buy Some Tim Tam’s and Hot Chocolate
For some reason you can’t get Tim Tam’s just anywhere. Safeway never has them. Save-on never has them. I’ve heard tales of Sobey’s having them in stock but I’ve never seen them there. You’re best bet is to hit up a super store. They specialize in foreign commodities.

After consulting Wikipedia I learned they come from Australia. That makes Australia the tastiest place on the planet.

Step 2: Make Hot Chocolate
I’m sorry for dropping this awesomeness on you during the hot months. But the next time we get a random snow storm you can thank me. Also, just as a hint, while I was taking the pictures the Tim Tam was melting so I recommend keeping your Tim Tam’s in the fridge. I’ve set aside a Tim Tam drawer in mine.

Step 3: Take a Bite (But Not Too Big)
This is a key step. Step three separates the rookies from the veterans. The smaller the bites the better. Don’t get too excited about eating the Tim Tam all at once. I promise you will be able to eat the Tim Tam just not yet.

Step 4: Suck
Put the Tim Tam in the hot chocolate. Not all the way. It just needs to go in far enough so that the small part you bit off is completely submerged. This is why it’s better to bite off a smaller piece. The smaller it is the less you have to submerge.

Now, once your bitten off corner is submerged suck on the other bitten off corner until you feel the hot chocolate get to your mouth. If you are sucking and you feel nothing then it means your bitten off corner isn’t completely submerged.

Step 5: Flip
Once it gets there flip the Tim Tam into your mouth and enjoy.

The first attempt might not be successful but the more you eat the better you will get at it.


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