Favorite Words and Phrases

Some of the words on my list are just there because they are fun to say. Whilst and eatery are two of those words. It’s just fun to use these old school words.

The best is when you put these old school words into serious conversations. It will help relieve tension because whoever you are talking to will stop getting worked up about whatever you’re talking about and think to his/her self “Did he just use the word ‘whilst?’”

If the situation isn’t too serious then the problem might just go away and you can all have a laugh about how amusing the word “whilst” is.

An Example of a Situation That Can be Diffused With “Whilst”
“How come you don’t mute the TV while I’m on the phone?”
“I don’t mute it whilst you’re on the phone because then I wouldn’t be able to hear anything
“Oh Tyler, your word choices have moved me and caused me to forget why I was mad at you. Let us go get strawberry and golden oreo blizzards.”

An Example of a Situation That Cannot be Diffused With “Whilst”
“My mom died and you didn’t tell me!”
“Wait here whilst I check my twitter account.”
*ultimate punch.

An eatery is a place where you go to make/buy and consume food. Ofttimes at school we would refer to the cafeteria as the eatery. There was even one day that we were doing work outside the classroom and we had to write on the board where we were going. We went to the cafeteria so naturally I wrote “eatery” on the board.

Which is another reason why this word rocks. It reminds me of school. Not high school (which is lame) but the big orange building and all the PROW students (who are awesome).

Favorite words/phrases


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