Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Yellow)

(If you’re wondering about the (Yellow) business click here.)

If you want to go see this movie in theaters you won’t be wrong. You also won’t be wrong if you want to wait for the DVD.

Watching Jake Gyllenhaal parkour his way through the movie was awesome. I never played the video game this was based off of but from what I know I think bouncing off walls was a major part of the gaming experience. I also caught a hint of Assassins Creed in there.

The time traveling dagger had me worried but it was handled well. It’s good to see it can only be used for a minute and only certain sand will work. Without these restrictions things could have gone sideways in a hurry.

Oh, and the ostriches were amazing. Possibly the best part of the movie. I had no idea that they looked so ridiculous when they ran. It is quite the sight. I hope they get their own spin off movie. Also, you can get the ostrich race Lego set.

The story is really simple, in theory. It all revolves around the dagger. And yet I was constantly asking myself what was going on. It was always clear that they needed to take the dagger somewhere but the where and why were confusing.

It has too many pointless scenes and too much blah blah dialog for the protagonist to decide to do things I thought they were already going to do anyway.

Don’t see this movie for the dialog. See it for the action.

The predictable parts of the movie (I’m looking at you whatever Ben Kingsley’s character was named) are as abundant as the twists and cool parts. This makes the bad stuff easier to forget.

But there is no forgetting the scene where the black dude (did he even have a name?) steels the dagger. Nothing about that scene made sense and it drove me mad.

It’s safe to say that Prince of Persia is the best video game adaptation out there. Hopefully it explodes on home video so the studios will want to make a sequel. Prince of Persia: The Doom Ostrich.

I’d watch it.


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