Favorite Words and Phrases

In my moleskin notebook I keep a list of my favorite words and phrases. As of May 16, 2010 there are 31 words or phrases on the list.

The kinds of words that make it on the list are words that are fun to say, words that look funny, or words that mean something special to me.

The first two words on my list are Chortle and Girth. It’s no coincidence that this blog is called Chortle at My Girth. Both Chortle and Girth are examples of words that are just fun to say.

Chortle doesn’t really remind me of anything. It’s just a fun word. According to dictionary.com it means “to chuckle gleefully.” Now that’s just awesome.

Girth is a word that makes me laugh. Mostly because it reminds me of my favorite stand up comedian Brian Regan. If you and I were in the same room right now I would do the whole routine for you. So because typing the joke will never be as funny as actually hearing the joke I’ve posted the video for you to watch.

Chortle and Girth are the first two words on my favorite words and phrases list but that doesn’t make them my absolute most favorite words. They just happen to be the first two that made it on there.

I wont tell you what the rest of the list is right now. You’ll just have to check back as I slowly fill in the gaps.

Favorite words/phrases

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