Traffic Light Movies

When I do movie reviews on this blog I will designate the movie (Red), (Yellow), or (Green).

A (Green) movie is one you shouldn’t hesitate to watch. Example: Up (Green)

A (Yellow) movie is yellow for two reasons. Either it’s a decent movie but has a couple scenes that are no good or a story line that makes no sense or some other thing that has a negative impact on an otherwise good movie. Example:Avatar(Yellow) is a cool movie but I liked it more when it was calledFern Gully(Green)

The other reason a movie is designated (Yellow) is it’s a crappy movie but it has that one cool thing you should see. But wait until it comes out on DVD unless it’s so cool you should see it on the big screen. Example: 2012 (Yellow) a pretty lame movie but it looks really cool on the big screen.

A (Red) movie is bad movie. Don’t watch it. Example: Transporter 3 (Red)

Bonus rating!

A (GRED) movie is a movie that is so bad it’s good and you should have a bunch of people over to laugh at it with you. Gymkata (GRED)

I know the post is called Traffic Light Movies but the same principles can be applied to books.

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