Mission Pictures

When you send in your mission papers you need to send in a picture of yourself with them. I’m having trouble deciding which one to send in so I need someone else to decide for me.

The Suspicious Croucher

I call this one the suspicious croucher. Why is he crouching? Why does he have sunglasses on? Why are they on halfway? This could work as a mission photo if you think of me as a missionary who looks cool even when he is crouching. Of course I’ve never been on a mission so I don’t know if that’s necessary or not.
The Pensive Missionary
My sister took these photos and she told me she doesn’t approve of this one because you can see the house in the background. I like it because I look pensive. Or like i’ve been studying the gospel all day and now I’m on the look out for people to teach. This picture would be better if the plastic slide I had my foot on was in it.
The Horatio
I call this one the Horatio. Not the Shakespeare one. The CSI Miami one. I am clearly looking at some evidence and trying to sum up the crime scene with a not-so-clever one liner. Something like “that son of a bishop should have payed a full tithe.”
So those are some of the ones I’m considering. Leave your vote in the comment section for which picture you want me to use.


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3 Responses to Mission Pictures

  1. bonnieboyko says:

    I really enjoyed these pics. too funny! I like the first one the best for its randomness:) hope this post. lol. its a test.

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