How toe Crush a Toonie With a Train, Part 1 of 3: Spock a Five

I had one goal last week, to run over a broken toonie with a train. This was made possible by a friend of mine who was showing off her broken toonie to me. I commented that I could run it over with a train for her and she was all over that.

But then I lost the toonie. Boo urns.

This three part series documents my attempt to make up for past mistakes and to crush a toonie like a man.

It’s Illegal To Draw On Money
The first thing you are going to need is some change. Try doing it with some class. Get a five dollar bill. Study it closely. Does that blue dude look familiar? Yeah. He has the same nose, mouth, and bone structure as Spock on Star Trek.

Once you add the pointy ears and a head of hair worthy of a Vulcan, there will be no denying that Leonard Nimoy used to be a Prime Minister.

You can add some accessories if you feel really daring. Spice up his collar to look like a star fleet uniform. I’ve seen a hand come up from the bottom of the bill with the classic “live long and prosper” gang sign. If you are feeling edgy you can give Spock a goatee making him evil Spock.

(I found this Spocked Five. I didn’t break the law)

Obtain the Toonie
Don’t forget that as cool as it is to Spock a five the goal here is to get some change. I’m not a big fan of asking for change. So go buy something that is less three dollars and then hold that toonie close.

You have the toonie but you are not committed yet. There is still time to back out. Popping the middle out of a toonie is the most dangerous thing I have ever done.

Step 2 (soon to come) could kill you.

You’ve been warned.


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